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Minjour Born to Win (Feat. Jahmiel)


World-music vibes and the uplifting bounce of dancehall meet with an unavoidably catchy melody – Minjour and Jahmiel craft a colourful anthem of a hit.

Inspiring to its core, with short-lines paving the way towards a powerful drop of a hook, the dance-pop hit that is Born to Win energises in an instant.

The concept is motivational, the music, too – euphoric at its peak and immediately memorable after that first round of performance.

Rooted in faith and possibility, Born To Win is both a blessing of positivity and a brilliantly hypnotic EDM track that urges you to turn up the volume.

All consuming and made of the precise set of elements to promise a timeless hit – simple yet striking writing, clear identity in the leading riff and arrangement, even in the voice – Born to Win has what it takes to engage a global audience.

Great production, gorgeous vocals, genuine heart in both the soundscape and delivery. An easy hit to lift the mood during this latter half of the year.

Download or stream Born to Win here. Check out Minjour & Jahmiel on Instagram / Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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