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Mimi Novic Realms Through Eternity (Guided Meditation)


Best-selling author, well-being coach and podcast host Mimi Novic has released a multitude of original albums in recent years, each one offering organic ambiances and lightly guided meditation in the form of subtle, quiet vocal whispers that briefly appear within the soundscape.

The most recent of these albums is the blissfully calming and beautifully composed Realms Through Eternity. The fourteen-track project showcases a refreshing level of melody when compared to the majority of meditation-themed projects. Led by gentle piano-work, the playlist moves through its various journeys with a consistently uplifting aura.

From Promises Of Life through Joy Of Healing, we’re already lost within the peaceful optimism of the soundscape, and Mimi’s voice offers just a few fragments of ideas to remind you to find your own inner peace and relax fully.

Later on there are other subtle changes in direction, Freedom To Feel a fine example – different pathways, offering up a different set of emotions and memories; each unique to the listener, making the experience all the more special.

At the same time, the words chosen by the artist for each piece, conjure up unexpected reminders of a whole host of different ways to stay positive and strong. These include considering your own beauty and confidence, dealing with a difficult past, remembering the people who make you happy, the things, the places, how to focus your thoughts, how to stay present.

The combination of piano and strings makes for a familiar arena of sound, yet these melodies have a certain freshness to them, always bringing a sense of joy, soothing the soul and even conjuring up imagery and memories relating to nature and the simple state of being content and happy.

Prior to Realms Through Eternity, 2019 also welcomed the albums Harmony Of Malaika and Awakening Oasis to all streaming platforms. While the projects each present a powerful means of connection and calm in their own right, the combined playlist is also an easy one to turn to at any point. The sheer volume of compositions from Mimi is endlessly impressive and kind in the level of colour and repose it consistently delivers.

The melodic nature of this music, the unique characteristics of each composition, mean that these albums can be suited to any number of situations. At no point does Mimi overwhelm with vocal presence – far from it. Her voice appears just once throughout each piece, whispered quietly amidst the ambiance, not interrupting but naturally accompanying the underlying sense of tranquility.

Whether you’re looking to fall asleep more efficiently, or looking to genuinely step into and learn the art of meditation – to break up your day and take back control of your life and your mindset – even if you need something to take the edge off during a long commute or a packed work day – these projects have been designed, arranged and presented to a beautifully pristine, professional quality. They promise a clearly thoughtful, heartfelt intention, and you can rely on each project in full whenever you need to feel a sense of oneness, or to move away from feelings of isolation or loneliness. The three projects combined offer hours of focused, skillful musicality and ambient, engaging warmth.

A powerful gift, timeless and perfectly well-catered to help any and all listeners find and center themselves – regardless of how complex and confusing the outside world may be.

Download all three albums via iTunes. Find & follow Mimi Novic on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Pinterest.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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