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Mimi Novic & Edmond Fokker Seven Prayers Of Love


Spoken word artist and award-winning author Mimi Novic collaborates with renowned violinist Edmond Fokker, for a vocally guided neo-classical journey through the depths of love and the human connection.

Seven original tracks make up the Seven Prayers, beginning with the melodically emotive and somewhat heart-breaking tones of Dance Of Life With Vocalise. The music sets the mood, Fokker’s playing proving second to none in expressive delicacy and unquestionable skill alike, piano and strings unite to lift anxiety. Soon enough Novic’s guided meditational voice emerges to inject a level of poetic intention and to lead listeners towards the associated feelings and thoughts that inspired the work.

This piano and violin set-up continues, but the mood varies slightly throughout the tracks. The scene changes, the quieter streets of Europe seem to call out as Sweet Soul with Souvenir de Vienne starts up.

Things evolve once again for a new prayer, Promise Of Love with Largo. These longer-form titles help give each journey a more cleanly cut purpose, so the music isn’t as free to interpretation, but offers more of a theatrical presence and tale, always warmed with Faith.

This format proves particularly effective for Sorrow of Tears with Meditation – a piece in which the music and the story intertwine to a superb degree, taking listeners through the stages of hardship towards calm and enlightenment.

Gentle and spacious expression creates a naturally peaceful realm for Hidden Mysteries with Intermezzo, then a broadly recognisable Yearning with Aria captivates for the penultimate moment, before an unmistakable unknown Path with Ave Maria brings things to a deeply thoughtful finish. The final voice reflects on the uniqueness of our meetings with others, and the impact of all relationships – whether they are to last or simply pass by. It’s a strong sentiment, which calms the mind and finishes the album up beautifully.

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