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Mimi Novic & David Courtney Dream House: The Journey


Award-winning author and artist Mimi Novic joins forces with Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer David Courtney for this brand new, aptly-titled and musically impressive concept album.

As a project or place to escape to, the album really speaks for itself. Mimi’s ever-familiar guided meditation approach stands tall from the offset, with breathy vocals yet a perhaps more musically focused, mildly retro manner of composition. There’s also a fascinating use of imagery and story-telling to the album, the opener Dream House introducing this well. The tracks do indeed take listeners on a journey, and it proves as creatively unexpected as it is deeply calming and inspiring.

Unique sound design helps separate this project from other releases of Mimi’s, showcasing the strength of collaboration in an impressive way. The music creates a powerfully immersive experience, which accompanies the instructional lyrics in a distinctly hypnotic, engaging manner.

Garden Of Truth follows on and the story takes us further – a ten-minute piece that evolves and gathers momentum in a mesmerising fashion. Led by keys and a mildly uncertain yet dreamlike, intriguing ambiance, the composition provokes a deeper level of thought, and quickly prompts a sense of focus and attention to the journey at hand.

There are certain retro, sci-fi-like qualities to the production on this album. Forest Of Fear is the perfect example of this mood taking over the space, yet it proves a realistic and indeed crucial part of the journey and healing process.

After the weight of a transformative Forest Of Fear, Land Of Broken Dreams leads with delicacy and lighter details that welcome and embrace you. Still we’re prompted to consider things on a more profound level, not least of all the concept of eternal existence in the face of mortality and all that is impermanent.

Valley Of Voices proves a notably minimal soundscape, but with perhaps the most empowering and interesting spoken segments of all. A simple yet striking chapter, and a personal favourite for its stillness and vastness united.

Then things come to an end with a mildly experimental, creatively unique Call Of The Soul. Again we’re reminded of the sheer artistry that both Mimi and David have incorporated into this project. No moment is wasted, nor there simply as filler, and this final composition pours through with a certain air of gentle authority and purity combined. The voice is a little heavier, louder, and the music drives with an equally rising sense of anticipation.

Far more than simply an album, something like a cinematic experience designed to be spent time with alone. You can escape entirely from the weight and chaos of the world, into this peaceful and reflective place of calm and quiet contemplation, yet you can also find yourself learning, changing, and becoming all the more accepting and capable of proceeding in this tumultuous and unpredictable life.

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