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Mimi Novic Beyond The Horizons


Introducing another brand new album of originals from Mimi Novic, Beyond The Horizons begins in a uniquely emotive fashion.

The initial melancholy and rising, uplifting brightness off Do Not Be Afraid To Live proves immediately immersive for its relevancy and the power of the melodic progression. Weave in Mimi’s ever-recognisable spoken-word top layer, after about a minute, and the inspiring depths of the work reach for greater plains.

This underlying concept of Beyond The Horizons seems to consistently remind us to think bigger than our current moment – to consider the consequences of every action and thought, to place ourselves as a crucial part of this ultimate realm that we share.

Throughout these 11 new compositions, Mimi delivers consistently emotional auras, almost imparting a sense of sadness in a way – to gift the words a genuine pathway to the heart.

Children Of Tomorrow is particularly impactful, and an absolute highlight – the haunting and later tribal musicality and the beauty of the lyrics unite to create an increasingly euphoric feeling.

“Remember that once we were all the children of tomorrow’s hope. Someone somewhere dreamed of you, even before you were born.”

There seem to be greater depths to this project than anything prior from Novic, the ideas provoke new levels of thought, more complex considerations that connect in unexpectedly awakening ways.

Other highlights include a multi-string layered and cinematic Winds Of Change, an equally exhilarating Kaleidoscope, and a hypnotic, piano-led and passionate Voyage. There’s also a rather stunning meeting between fast pace and delicacy for the penultimate track Where Angels Bathe – an again addictive listen, with a certain fusion of relentless movement and enchanting stillness.

As is always the case with these albums, the completed experience from start to finish is where the true calm and enlightenment awaits. There’s plenty here to connect with, and which will inspire a sense of hope, possibility, and self-awareness.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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