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Milton Busker & the Grim Work Made Of Stars


Introducing an album with a sensational opening track that naturally creates an addictively rhythmic, poetically captivating and creative realm of appeal – Milton Busker & the Grim Work are quick to impress, with the superb album Made Of Stars.

“I like to turn off the lights just to see what I see, I like to stare at the dark til it stares back at me…” – the very first words of the project draws us in with ease, for the beginning of a post-four-minute journey through gypsy-folk and Americana stylings, with Milton’s raspy and soulful vocal driving the front-line. It’s a leading voice a little similar to the likes of Ben Caplan, only with a smooth, sultry kind of softness intertwined.

We’re off to a strong start, the band connecting for their live ability and deeply human contemplations alike, and soon impressing for everything from structure to passion to the evolution of this lyrical venture.

Good Guys With Guns is soon another highlight from Made Of Stars, the stop-start stomp of the music meeting a wave-like melody that’s hypnotic and catchy, the whole thing employing both familiarity and intrigue to get you immersed and committed to the groove.

The album continues in this way, eclectic in both story and sound, from the gentle folk calm of Earth and Air to the bold and faster-paced likes of Internet Famous. For the most part though, the gentle swagger of blues and folk embraces us, whilst Milton’s faultlessly expressive, enchanting voice remains a compelling and addictively confident guiding light.

A wonderful collection – real music with both originality and nostalgia at its core. A pleasure to let play this season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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