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Military Honor Good Love


The heavily electronic ambiance of this release results in an unusually colourful yet smooth modern pop-meets-RnB single. The music features layers-upon-layers of synths and sounds and samples, and the same effect comes through with the vocal parts – there’s a definite feeling of togetherness about it all, as if it’s a team effort; a united force underlining a shared passion and concept.

In modern music, the auto tune choice alongside of certain types of reverb is more commonly found in the hip hop world. This track has a fairly mellow, hip hop style beat, and the hook most definitely fits in with that type of vibe – the overall feeling you get from this, however, suggests much more of a melodic, soulful genre.

The word melodic is important – the song is greatly reliant on this smooth movement through the notes; the relationship between the vocal tune and the underlying chord progression. The soulful mood of the writing and the performances can quite easily be imagined in an acoustic setting – the electronic soundscape adds a touch of character and colour that is not always found among such a soulful and passionate display of expression. The strength of the song and its melody means that any setting would work – any type of remix could be as effective in a different kind of way, but the particular layout and approach here means that there’s definitely something unpredictable and quite striking about it all.

This meeting of the organic and electronic is also notable within the instrumentation. When you listen carefully to the opening few moments, there’s a flicker of guitar, a carefully chosen, jazz-like touch of keys, and all-in-all a genuine and real set-up for the song that follows. The possibilities are unlimited when you get the songwriting down in such a way as this.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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