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Miko Malo Mama Huevo


Hardcore dance vibes bring a striking riff and heavy bass – a soundscape keenly designed to back up the Spanish bars and anthemic hook of Miko Malo’s Mama Huevo.

Following in the footsteps of similarly intense but focused alt-pop contenders, Mama Huevo proves a rhythmically relentless presentation of confidence and flow, standing tall on the strength of its haunting frontline riff, and in the process highlighting the raspy vocal style and volume of performer Miko Malo.

As the track progresses, a stripped-back moment of creative production recaptures affection, quirky but subtle features of the design helping pave the way for a rebuilding of anticipation; as the final fifth of the track prepares to fire up.

Explosively simple but striking, Mama Huevo is a fiercely bold new single, from an LA-based artist with a clear passion for getting everything off his chest and embracing his time on the mic. At less than three minutes in full, the single aims high with distortion and character, and takes no time at all to sink its nostalgic teeth into the modern scene.

Find Miko Malo on Instagram, Apple, TikTok, YouTube & his Website. Read our Interview to find out more.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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