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Mikebradio Double xoxo


Pittsburgh’s Mikebradio keeps things creatively freestyle throughout a series of releases that blend the rhythm of hip hop with the colours of pop and the absolute character of indie artistry.

Paving the way with style and identity, coming in at less than a minute in length but hitting with impact regardless – Double xoxo showcases a multi-layered soundscape and quickly recognisable vocal tone and delivery; all of which rings loud throughout Mikebradio’s catalogue.

The song feels like a freestyle more than ever, focused in topic but at war with the optimism of the music as the lyrics meander exhaustedly throughout a series of intimate musings.

On the one hand we get a synth-soaked arrangement, indie-pop with a heavy rap rhythm. On the other, the vocal repeats fragments of questions and details personal turmoil by means of an aversion to sobriety and a commitment to escapism. That escapism extends from the moment on the mic to the depths of the lyrics.

Elsewhere in his collection, Mikebradio’s voice continues to be a calling card. The upfront mix, the rasp, the performative aspect, the flow – from Choo Choo throughout Face Down, the recording time is always brief, the vocal always true to the artist, and the music consistently eclectic. Dreamy set-ups and bass-heavy rhythms all play a role. It’s an interesting style, and Mikebradio holds closely to it.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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