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Mike XI Ghosts (Official Music Video)


LA’s Mike XI collaborates with Chainsmokers songwriter Kate Morgan for this quickly engaging, deeply personal new single.

Featuring pristine production from Vince Kottkamp, Ghosts brings through a hypnotic fusion of organic and electronic elements. A simple riff and rhythm, a few layers and fragments of detail in the distance – perhaps reinforcing this spiritual concept. Then you get Mike XI’s equally calm yet softly emotional vocal lead, and a melodic back and forth that works hard to further embrace and entrance listeners.

Really nicely done, the whole thing is subtle yet striking in its gentle approach to the subject matter and soundscape. Nothing flashy or fake is required, the song makes for a worthy mainstream contender at the same time as being an intriguing introduction to the artist and rapper that is Mike XI. And all the while you can easily visualize the stripped-back, live-stage set-up.

It’s the best of both worlds – the perfect accompaniment to that long commute (or late night contemplation of life), and a brand new creative to turn to whenever you crave music with real connection and authenticity.

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Rebecca Cullen

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