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Mike Trask TV Dinner


First impressions intrigue, grunge tones and hip hop rhythms, a raw yet hypnotic groove and doubled vocals offering a sort of Americana story and melody – Mike Trask’s TV Dinner holds attention brilliantly, from the opening embrace of a creative Yellow Sky, right through to its finish.

Refreshingly interesting song-writing is the heart of this project. Melodies that feel new, progressions that aren’t predictable, grooves that seem familiar enough to appeal but unique enough in detail to light up something fresh.

The voice is accessible, relatable, and the production has a slightly retro, nostalgic feel – home-made perhaps, psychedelic on occasion, tipping its hat to a simpler era. The poetic lyrics and genuine intimacy further this yesteryear connection; ‘You change your world, I’ll change mine; big blue sun in a yellow sky’.

The Painter continues all of these qualities but changes the vibe and tone so as to keep you engaged early on.

Hints of Pink Floyd and The Doors come up intermittently throughout this album, the latter standing tall for a bold and catchy My My, Bye Bye – a brilliant, timeless track, which feels as if it could well be a cover of a classic.

Arrangement matters and the whispered folk, fifties mood of Melted Wax comes in at the perfect moment. The song compares the perspectives of him and her, complete with featured female vocals, in a wonderfully poignant manner.

Contrast kicks in again for a raspy and angsty, rock and rolling Bad News. Elsewhere highlights are tricky to pick, as there’s not a bad song in the playlist. The electro-funk and story of All Digital captivates well, as does the rising shift for the hook. Train Song also has a welcomed touch of country swagger to it. Then there’s the revealing nature of the title-track, and its mellow, entrancing pace…

Fascinating stories, imagery that provokes imaginative escapism, musicianship that’s second to none and genuinely passionate, even in such precision. Everything from the artwork to the arrangements to the writing and performances plays the game at the highest level of authenticity and skill united. Impressive, enjoyable, superb song-writing. What a pleasure.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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