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Mike Kennedy Grass is Greener


Mike Kennedy connects and impresses with ease, as the leading single from his upcoming EP Grass Is Greener hits the scene with confidence, skill, passion and power.

Already boasting a quarter of a million streams, Mercy proves a fine fusion of all things alt-rock and contemporary design – an emo-expressive vocal-lead uniting with soaring guitars and a masterful use of contrast. The result is an ultimately energising, self-decimating and relatable listen, which screams out on behalf of feeling misplaced or lost.

It’s an anthem for the unity of misfits, in a way, and everything from the lyrics to the arrangement and delivery breathes fresh life into the modern music realm.

Stylishly distinctive and vocally unmistakable, too, Mercy highlights an artist at the very top of his game – secure in his role as one of this generation’s more fearlessly devoted and musically engaging creatives, with real topics at hand and no problem declaring them in a quirky, catchy fashion.

That line between the ear-wormery of pop and the gritty alternative nature of the underground is walked beautifully. The new EP should hopefully prove equally impressive – absolutely one worth looking out for this weekend.

Grab the EP Grass Is Greener here or via Apple. Check out Mike Kennedy on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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