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Mike Freund Rectify


Atmospheric arena rock sets the mood from the get-go, as Mike Freund delivers the soulful stomp of a heartfelt classic, for Rectify.

Boldly rooted amidst the sheer weight and poetic swagger of timeless Southern Rock, Rectify brings together familiar references and images with personal depth and desperation in equal parts.

Mike Freund’s own connection to the lyrics is clear, and is backed by similarly passionate guitars, bass and drums, which drive things forward on the front-line for a refreshingly heavy listen.

Simple songwriting elevated by the sheer strength of finely chosen lines and the grit of the leading vocal – Rectify rolls along with character and rhythm, before resolving at just the right moment for that blues-rock softness at the end of each progression.

Featuring a subtle and unexpected twist in pace and presence during the latter half, the raw fuzz and ferocity of Rectify consistently indicates that Mike Freund’s full-band live shows would bring this music to life in a whole other way. The guitar solo pierces through with a uniquely cracked tone and creatively pairs with another, as we ride the final wave towards a choir-like, anthemic and aptly Gospel-esque outro.

Brilliant – an art-rock performance that hits with mighty impact.

Rectify releases out August 26th. Find Mike Freund on Instagram, YouTube & Spotify or the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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