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Mighty PLUTO The Sophisticated Savage


Aptly savage and sophisticated visuals back up the classic and impressive sound of Mighty PLUTO’s latest endeavour.

Already boasting 30,000 views for its stop-motion video story and the clarity and nostalgia of the mix, The Sophisticated Savage is easily one of the most refreshing hip hop tracks of 2022 so far.

Single-toned vocals for the most part guide us through the wordplay and confidence of a quirky, creative soundscape – within which Mighty PLUTO makes contemporary and timeless references alike, and proceeds to weave a web of quietly devoted entertainment that holds your attention until the end.

It’s a sudden end – just two minutes and five seconds in and the seemingly relentless rollout of lyrics comes to an unexpected halt. The track defiantly has its own structure though, beginning with a catchy, anthemic hook, vocal inflections that reach out for the modern audience, and evolving through gritty, stylish and clever bars towards the ultimately and appropriately savage ending of both the video and audio.

Not surprising that the Mighty PLUTO fanbase is growing exponentially at this point. Hopefully there’s plenty more music on the way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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