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Mighel Akando ESP (Prod By. Jody)


Conceptually appealing, subtly delving into the topic of the sixth sense, however blending this with a clearly intimate level of dedication to a significant other – ESP unites RnB melodies, emotional delicacy, and dreamlike production.

Mighel Akando collaborates with producer Jody for this electro-pop-kissed, soulful outpouring. The voice is quietly mixed, still distinctive in tone though and in these breathy, whispered qualities – something that will hopefully prove a recognisable trait of Akando’s.

The release speaks on intimacy, the uncertainty between two people – the unsaid, the unknown. The soundscape effectively reflects this mood, creating a dreamy space, with light layers of riffs, synths, a gentle beat – offering an ultimately heartfelt piece that attempts to untangle the complexities of love.

Akando talks of predicting fate, acknowledging his own behaviour and utilising this to understand the behaviour of others – and to, subsequently, perhaps gain insight into their thoughts and feelings.

An interesting style, progressing consistently, poetic yet open – gorgeously mixed.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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