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Midnight Kids Those Were The Days (Feat. Jared Lee)


Jared Lee and Midnight Kids have collaborated for this latest release to offer a song that’s not only professionally and skillfully crafted, but that legitimately makes its audience feel something – something very real, engaging, and blissfully enjoyable.

Fusing the overwhelming emotion of nostalgia and reminiscing, with an equally classic EDM soundscape but a soulful and fresh edge, Those Were The Days pours through with passion and a consistently uplifting sense of brightness and gratitude. As the music rises up, the vocals and the instrumentation envelop and energize the listener, presenting a quickly memorable hook, an addictive build-up and drop, and a general sense of well-being that is precisely the reason we turn to music of this nature.

Skillful and genuine performances both vocally and production-wise have allowed the natural strengths of this song to shine as brightly as possible. With the summer months swinging in to view, a track like this is exactly what we need in order to bring people together and to create a level of unity and oneness – a moment to appreciate, to turn up the volume and dance, and either escape or embrace the world as the music rains down and washes away all concern.

A beautiful single, a collaborative release that undoubtedly offers the best of both acts, and a song that’s easily of a timeless, continuously enjoyable quality.

Download or stream the single here. Find & follow Midnight Kids on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Check out Jared Lee on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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