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Midnight Connection Cheers (To Friendships)


Midnight Connection brings audiences a light fusion of retro synth-pop and a more recently familiar, Owl City-style musicality. Much more noticeable than this though, than these audio building blocks, is the song itself – the lyrics, the melody, and the vocal performance running throughout Cheers (To Friendships). You take away the hook, the concept, the heartfelt tones and the unity between the vocal melody and the surrounding instrumentation, much more than a simple genre flag or comparison.

This is a wonderful song, enjoyable in itself for the classic rhythm and bounce, the mellow but uplifting aura, yet also offering something easily memorable – quickly recognizable, even from across the bar; not to mention a subject matter that celebrates one of the best and most important factors of modern life. The sound is crisp and colorful, and although there are many layers to the soundscape – a big part of what gives it such warmth – the original emotion and authenticity of the idea and the human voice have been maintained and even highlighted at every step. The electronic ambiance takes nothing away from the organic realness and positivity, so you get the best of both worlds.

They’re a skilled duo, production-wise but also in terms of their songwriting – something that sadly falls below par quite often among producer-led groups. The collaboration is perfect here, bringing together the necessary elements to draw a listener over, but doing so in a subtle, calming and positively minded manner. The second time you hear this song, the opening, tribal like – bongo inspired – beat has an instant level of optimism and good vibes to it. As things grow, you appreciate both the nostalgia and the cleanness, the freshness, of the evolving sound. It’s a great song, a little Daft Punk-like in some respects – perhaps its the hook, the hopefulness. Well worth adding to the playlist.

Midnight Connection features Travis Cataldo (USA) – Lead Singer / Writer (Also does traditional 2D Animation professionally), and Luigi Porcino (Italy) – Production. Find & follow Midnight Connection on FacebookInstagram.


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