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Midnight Brewers Entering a Parallel Eruption


The start and finish of this album from Midnight Brewers rounds off the experience well, introducing a band with a striking ear for melody in everything from their riffs to their vocals, as well as a thoughtful, story-telling approach to songwriting.

Balancing light riffs and electronic dashes with certain organic layers and a near-shoe-gaze aura, Midnight Brewers create full and warming soundscapes, but drive through among these with a notably deep vocal tone and a series of ideas that provoke equally deep levels of consideration.

This album is a playlist you can lose yourself in for a while. The Ghost of Raspberry Meadows and the later closing track The Return To Raspberry Meadows offer definite threads of character that you quickly come to recognize as being true to this band only. While there are moments of acoustic experimentation and purity on the project, the fuller soundscapes such as these two are where the more anthem-like and energizing effect likes.

The further you listen, the more you acclimatize to their style, their sound, loaded with quirks and personality, and the more you start to appreciate and engage with the unique nature of their lyrics and the way they structure their songs.

Entering a Parallel Eruption paves its own way creatively, giving the band an alternative and optimistic edge that’s refreshingly freeing right now.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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