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Michele Sunflowers


Instantly alluring bass-play introduces the intimate and organic sound of Michele’s single Sunflowers – a folk-pop offering of melancholic musings and juxtaposed instrumental optimism, which connects for its live-sounding authenticity as much so as its heartbreaking poetic contemplations.

From that opening, cascading introduction, the music continues to impress – Sunflowers offers skilful and versatile guitar work, incorporating strong rhythmic progressions as well as lighter solo moments, subtle fingerstyle, and that ever-meandering bass.

Meanwhile, Michele’s leading voice has a certain accessible and humble softness to it – allowing the depth of the lyrics to rather quickly work their magic. It’s something new and provocative, being told by someone listeners can relate to in an instant – an all-too familiar situation well-represented.

At its core the song emerges with a purpose, an underlying story and related dedication to the innocent lives lost in the current Ukranian conflict. However, poetic vagueness stands tall, as does the spring-time hopefulness of the title and melody – all of which permits the song that timeless magic of being anyone’s own; or better yet, being everyone’s equally, as we unite in the feeling of inability to end the madness.

While there’s eclecticism to the overall lyrical presence, lines like ‘It’s time to flee’ bring home the poignancy and pain of the war, along with ‘rage fuels blame, desensitized, lives in flames’.

Michele’s style is refreshingly natural, modest, unedited and unhidden behind volume or quirks – just great music, from an artist clearly experienced in performance and writing alike. I look forward to delving into more of the catalogue.

Check out Sunflowers via Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Follow Michele on Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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