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Michael McQuaid ReRun


ReRun is a relevantly smooth and seductive smash that works well to capture your affection and your desire to move within even just the opening few bars. Michael McQuaid has collaborated on this track with Kat Saul, and in my opinion – the result showcases the best of both of their abilities.

ReRun is a technically simple song, generally speaking, there’s plenty of space surrounding the core melody and ideas, and the stop and start nature of the beat adds something of an attention grabber that re-reaches for you at every opportunity. Production-wise everything has been perfectly well crafted so as to let this (and every other effect) stand as tall as possible. The beat, the drop from the delicate to the intense, the gradually increasing passion in that leading vocal performance – all of this pours through with a certain interconnectedness that feels very natural and effective in connecting with and holding on to the listener.

Conceptually the song takes an interesting approach to creativity and expression. The very idea of a re-run is something so many of us take comfort in – it’s the reason we let season after season of Friends play out in the room with us, year after year. Nostalgia is soothing, it feels like a safety blanket from a time when things were less heavy or manic.

In this case, the song deals with a relationship that survives purely on clockwork-like behavior when it comes to that one thing a significant other really wants. The soundscape itself presents elements that feel fairly vintage in a subtle but notable way. The track is fresh – modern sounding – for the most part, but still that retro touch appears once or twice throughout. This reinforces the underlying concept, helping the moment explore the reasons why we return again and again to these experiences that offer nothing new.

Michael McQuaid has a great voice, strong and stylish, really well suited to this type of alternative RnB-fusion. Download or stream the single here. Find & follow him on Instagram & Soundcloud.

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