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Michael McQuaid Rerun (Official Video)


Michael McQuaid co-wrote the song Rerun with artist and friend of his, Nashville’s Kat Saul. The resulting release now pours through complete with accompanying visuals that reinforce the track’s smooth and stylish set-up – as well as its inherent theme of this clockwork-like behavior seen in a supposed significant other.

Having heard the track a number of times now, it grows more enjoyable and memorable with each new listen. McQuaid’s leading voice has so much character, which is perhaps a subtle thing at first, but slowly but surely you come to greatly appreciate the quiet intricacies of his delivery style. Musically as well, the track hits hard – that smoothness is clear but the song’s drops are where things really start to pick up speed and intensity. The hook sections build and build, showcasing a dramatic gathering of instrumental snippets – all layered and intertwined so as to give the moment the greatest possible impact.

The official video release for this single introduces the track and the artist in a fitting way. There’s a cool and rather suave quality to the shots – this late night, dimly lit vibe emerges, with a back and forth between the singer and the situation described in the lyrics. The reversed scene’s reinforce this concept of re-runs really well, adding modern tech to a concept that has been around since TV first gripped the world.

There’s a lot to like about the subtle but seductive nature of the whole thing, and as stated – the song keeps growing more enjoyable with each new appearance in the playlist. If talent, character, and work ethic combined are as much of an indicator as they should be – expect big things to continue coming through for McQuaid.

Download or stream the single here. Find & follow him on Instagram & Soundcloud.

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