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Michael Hunter Something To Prove


Pristinely smooth production and relentless bars unite for a brilliantly juxtaposed, energetic and inspiring core throughout this brief yet striking release from rapper and artist Michael Hunter.

Pairing the multi-layered colour and optimism of pop with a trap-style contemporary beat, the track reaches across genres with its melodic and soulful mood. Weave in a story of personal turmoil and drive, dedication and focus, a unique and honest outpouring that hits with breathless bars that captivate right the way through, and the whole thing injects a worthy level of talent and passion into the modern hip hop scene.

Coming in at just under the two-minute-mark, Something To Prove needs no introduction and makes use of nothing but the bare essentials. An impressive, enjoyable track, with its roots amidst the classics of hip hop and its intentions well-connected to the artist behind it.

Brilliant. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

Download or stream Something To Prove here. Check out Michael Hunter on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Follow the label Relevant Records on Facebook & IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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