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Michael Eddy Small Towns


LA songwriter and artist Michael Eddy launches an inescapably catchy folk-pop single and groove, with the acoustic and lyrically focused Small Towns.

Featuring a fast-paced acoustic strum and equally quick verse lyrics, which relay a story of personal change under the power of love, Small Towns builds up like a classic folk-pop anthem of brightness and celebration.

It’s a romantic tale of self-discovery at its core, but it also showcases a clear appreciation for a significant other – for all that a strong relationship can shine light upon.

Produced by renowned American Idol creative Michael Orland, Small Towns leads with an anthemic choir of ‘woahs’ for that nostalgic pop vibe and unity, before Michael Eddy guides us through a descending long-form verse melody and story.

The energy rises throughout, the soundscape gathering relevant momentum in the process, with everything resolving for a country-pop-style hook that’s a natural ear-worm.

Impressive songwriting and structure allow the honesty and optimism of Michael Eddy’s youthful authenticity to stand tall. Small Towns hits with undeniable impact, and hopefully speaks volumes on behalf of what we can anticipate from the songwriter in the coming months and years.

Find Michael Eddy on Instagram or via his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

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