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Michael Burman I’m Alright


Michael Burman drives with a powerful sense of artistic intention and unexpected progression on this latest single. An easy favourite from the year so far, something that takes its time to be realised – gentle, breathy verses blend elements of rap and melody amidst an ambient backdrop for something mildly familiar at first. Then we get the switch, the hook, and everything changes.

There’s a certain vulnerability and soulfulness to the simple and sudden outcry of ‘I’m alright’. There’s no precursor to it other than the whispers of verse, nothing prepares you, the singer or protagonist just explodes into the moment, which feels genuine, and both certain and uncertain all at once.

It’s relatable in its humanity, and while it surprises initially, Burman paves the way beautifully towards it with the poetic detail, intimacy and delicacy of the verses.

An artistic beauty, rising up and building the anticipation and intensity right the way through. The drum hits harder, the pace feels faster and appears to sweep everything away on its energy. Then everything suddenly falls back for the peaceful whisper and acoustic strum of earlier – the journey coming full circle, before exploding once more into a fully distorted and powerful pop-rock realm of anthem-like boldness and expression.

This moment is hugely immersive, begging you to witness it with friends, in a live setting – or simply at volume through headphones as you run; as fast as you can.

Stunning. Completely unexpected from the opening moments, but ultimately a total pleasure to escape into.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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