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Michael Blight Boucher Dark Sky


Creative hard rock and metal connects uninhibited meandering vocals with fierce yet intricate guitars, bass and drums – Michael Blight Boucher reignites the passion, weight and expressive freedom of the genre, with Dark Sky.

Faultlessly presented and instantly blending that familiar metal style and sound with a quickly interesting vocal thread, the song appeals for its overall production and subject matter from the start.

There’s a certain dissonance to the meeting of voice and soundscape, and that comes with a welcomed element of nostalgia for many classic metal and hard rock fans. To later introduce such a varied, versatile performance, from one section to the next, is to completely reinvent or remaster the art form – something creative entrepreneur Michael Blight Boucher has become renowned for over the years.

Dark Sky feels like a classic dose of the Blight identity and voice, yet also draws focus to a whole new chapter in this story of artistic exploration and revealing, boldly human reflections and poetic framing.

Releasing close to the launch of his latest book, the single acts as another fan-favourite for those addictively immersed in the dark skies and sentiments of all things Michael Blight Boucher.

Download or stream Dark Sky. Find Michael Blight Boucher on YouTube, Instagram & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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