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Mic Rocca Be A Ho (Official Video)


Fresh from the upcoming EP Millennial Mic, set for release on March 20th, Mic Rocca’s Be A Ho pours into the room with a dreamlike, multicoloured ambiance that quickly refreshes and offers a unique identity.

Mic follows this up with an equally surprising take on the concept, seeming to lean towards finding a woman who loves you, who has her independence and respects yours; not playing games, appreciating, looking for something real. On the other hand, there’s a hint of not taking meet-ups too seriously – perhaps indicating that it’s better she simply be a ho, than try to get involved with the work and lifestyle side of things.

In either case, there’s a lot of emotion to the track, and Mic’s rhythm and tone drive this through with a smooth sense of character. The song’s hook completes the process, adding an almost Mac Miller style rhythm and brightness, an anthemic moment, which resolves the story-line in a bold and catchy way.

It’s a likeable style, on the whole, production and performance in unison. It will be interesting to hear more.

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