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Mia Ayana The Beautiful EP


Trippy design and soulful, meandering RnB vocals make up the uniquely genre-fusing sound of Mia Ayana’s EP Beautiful.

He Said opens things up, a brief yet melodically satisfying track, with contemporary production and world-inspired vocals that pour through with subtle passion; as per the changing stages of the story.

Just over a minute in length, this one feels fragmented yet effective in luring you in, and fortunately the rest of the five-track EP continues to hold onto that attention.

The title-track Beautiful follows, and we’re in riff-led territory with short lines and simple resolves. It’s a memorable song, a definite highlight, shifting gears melodically at just the right moment, keeping things original whilst maintaining that recognisable, mainstream energy for broader appeal.

Mia Ayana brings hints of influence from nostalgic RnB and Pop as much so as the current landscape of production and performance, ultimately following her own style of breathy, expressive and emotive progressions.

For Burning Flame the sound is now unmistakable, only we get a stripped-back, mellow setting and intimate, poetic lyrics, to lay bare a whole new mood. The soundscape gathers subtle momentum throughout, brilliant production allowing this atmospheric realm to really embrace the listener.

Good Karma is another highlight, familiar in its bass-thick warmth and descending pop chorus, refreshing in the acoustic introduction and thread, plus offering further originality in these longer-form RnB verses. The sound is full, loaded with additional vocal layers and details, but essentially calm and dreamy in allowing Mia to fully showcase the strengths of her uniquely delicate voice.

Bringing things to a smooth finish is the hopeful and uplifting Alive. Melodically enjoyable, with a vocal rhythm and style that again hints at world-music influences. The lyrics are revealing, promising vulnerability and purity that’s both personal and easy to relate to and make your own.

It’s a fine closing moment, from an aptly-titled EP. Mia’s humility helps make this a gorgeously genuine ode to desire, artistic expression, and natural talent.

Download or stream Beautiful here. Chek out Mia Ayana on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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