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Mercia Viola Moment in Time


Mercia Viola’s creativity is driven by a fusion of passion and a desire to help people reach their full potential. Moment in Time is a distinctly hopeful and joyful sounding song, subtly fit to inspire a sense of possibility and seizing the moment.

The song feels reminiscent of the likes of Corinne Bailey Rae – there’s something delicate and rhythmic about the music that allows Viola’s voice and her ideas and observations to easily connect. Her voice is beautiful, gentle and naturally presented, the melody-line has a matching simplicity and walks hand-in-hand with the piano chords to introduce the song in a cute and quirky way.

As things progress, the soundscape evolves, a certain warmth starts to grow and the beat rises in intensity just slightly. What’s interesting though is that when the hook comes in – usually the moment things get big – the ambiance falls away, laying bare that simple line, that vocal delivery, in an intimate and very honest manner. this uncommon style of structuring adds further to the fact that this sound or style of songwriting and performance is inherently true to Mercia Viola’s artistry. It’s her song, her angle – the music and indeed the vocals pour through in a genuine and natural way. it’s an easy song to enjoy, and on top of this – it’s an easy song to recognise, and that’s been achieved without forcing something overly loud or attention grabbing into the mix.

Humble beginnings quite often pave the way for wonderfully big endeavors. This song is professionally and thoughtfully crafted, and the finish works brilliantly for the mood of the moment. Mercia Viola as a creative has big plans within and around her own journey, so this drive and this natural connection to the arts is likely to shine more and more brightly as time goes by.

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