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Menace To $ociety Tombstones


Las Vegas brothers Menace To $ociety work hard to craft and create hip hop with purpose. They write with intention, an underlying story and meaning, and their music speaks volumes on behalf of that.

This latest release leads with a uniquely expressive and captivating beat – a drone of a synth to introduce things with a fine balance between intensity and calm. The anticipation rises from the offset, meanwhile the first rap vocal pours through in a relentless and breathless manner.

Barely reaching the two and a half minute mark, Tombstones is over and done with before you know it, but the track hits hard enough to provoke a second visit almost immediately. That bass-heavy introduction appeals now for its familiarity, and given the unwavering lyrical presentation, you’re far more inclined to follow every bar along intently this time. The duo successfully fuse poetic reflections and personal observations in a haunting and fascinating manner.

The lyrics are compelling, original and intriguing right the way through. As the second vocal comes in, a slightly more classic rap style emerges – a little higher of an energy level, a quicker pace, a series of more accessible moments. The verses add personality, whereas the hook adds definite depth and individuality on a whole other level – that balance, that dynamic, works brilliantly in building something refreshing and unlike anything else around in hip hop at present.

The whole thing becomes quite addictive in nature, you thrash the replay button just to capture those bars once more, to lose yourself in the fullness and darkness of the sound, and to try to finally get a stronger grasp of the concept in general.

A really interesting song, from an act clearly set to pave their own way in music. I look forward to hearing where else creativity takes them in the near future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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