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MELØ Things We Lost


Dreamy guitars and equally ethereal production present multiple layers of vocals and enchanting melodic progressions, as songwriter and artist MELØ kicks off this immersive four-track EP Things We Lost.

The title-track is the opener, blending qualities of shoegaze and arena pop-rock with a sort of Empire Of The Sun vocal depth and delicacy, and we’re off to a hypnotic and musically sublime start.

Lyrically there’s a certain contemplative presence to proceedings, with well-placed repeats to wrap up each line effectively before the rise to uncertainty and contrasting brightness that is the hook.

Familiar yet unique, a quality that MELØ forever manages to capture. Consider the unmistakable riffs and brightness of Mysteria, an anthemic electro-pop classic with cinematic power, but also interestingly fresh in story and tone, a little eighties-like in melodic evolution.

Songwriting is an absolute strength, along with musicianship and performance – all subtle yet impressive each step of the way. Things We Lost in full becomes a perfectly structured project because of these elements – perhaps shorter than hoped, but appropriately short in hindsight given the sheer precision and embrace of each song.

For XEX, the guitar sound and reverb-drenched arena remains, the optimism and the smart use of riffs. We get an original story though, a more intimate vocal progression and seductive prowess with that. The sound is futuristic, a self-defined yet relevant calling card, and still there’s organic musicianship at its core – a voice to connect with, humanity to consider, guitar work and live drums to appreciate and long for in the live setting.

Afterwards, a deeply reflective, imagery-laden and poetic Drowning brings things to a thoughtful and mildly melancholic finish. The sound is still undoubtedly MELØ – unmistakable, but showcased in a subtly new way; versatility in performance, concept, and indeed production creates a whole other world of audio detail and escapism.

There’s something haunting, alluring, and fascinating about this last one, it presents a sense of drowning within the creative force as the lyrics detail the same experience for our protagonist. It’s a uniquely beautiful listen, which prompts the mind to wander, a near-euphoric rush to overwhelm, and the whole thing to leave its impact with ease once things come to a close.

Brilliant, Things We Lost proves a really enjoyable, creative and passionate yet professional EP. Well worth a few spins this summer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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