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Melly MEL (Nothing The Same) Sage


Introducing a rebrand that quickly captures attention, artist and rapper Melly MEL takes things back to the bare essentials of rap, offering a project of conceptual honesty and simple, satisfying musicality.

Sage is the EP, and the music speaks volumes on behalf of a clear passion and connection to the art form.

Featuring three original tracks, Sage leads with vocal clarity and heavy bass-work of a somewhat nostalgic nature. Weave in some catchy hooks – not least of all the resound title-line of Nothing The Same, and the completed playlist makes for a welcomed alternative to some less intentional hits of the scene.

Before this closing stand-out, there’s soulful bliss in the form of a beautifully compelling and deeply human COUNTING BLESSINGS, where Melly introduces himself and his fresh step outwards into modern hip hop with fast-bars and a high energy that’s infectious as it pours through.

Bout Money follows with the soulful swagger of reverb-kissed electric guitar for further versatility – a little Prince-like in its emotive ambiance, right before yet another story of personal truth and openness reaches out to connect in a genuine way.

After this, Nothing The Same finishes things up with absolute strength of subject and dedication to the moment. Well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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