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Meech Mercury Got You (Feat. Ashilee Ashilee)


Artist and producer Meech Mercury offers absolute anthems among crisp and captivating soundscapes across an array of recent releases.

Got You makes for the perfect place to begin if you’re new to his music. An easy track to love, melodically complex, long-form lyricism – the piece allows itself the room to explore and express the ideas within. A quickly entrancing hook descends around you while a simple yet satisfying groove provides an ideal backdrop as the whole thing fills the room.

The music is partly organic, spacious, infectiously rhythmic – everything about it embraces the listener and offers those addictive qualities that will likely get you returning again and again. A flicker of gratefully received originality in an overflowing music world.

Elsewhere in the recent catalogue, Stuck In My Ways showcases further creativity but a completely different mood. A heavy and intense bass-line and beat emerge, intriguing for their uniqueness yet again. Then you get another rhythmically hypnotic hook, followed by a relentless and fairly breath-taking rap delivery. These lyrics are smart, poetic and personal, barely pausing as the whole thing pours through. An industrial vibe fuses with something strangely calming – these synths, that near-whispered vocal tone. Originality again shines brightly, and this continues throughout the music. This is the place to come if you’ve tired of the mainstream rap loops.

Darkest Days is another stand out but takes the form of a more classic hip hop track. You recognise the voice now, and indeed the creative yet rightfully dark production style. Intensity builds, as does the energy and level of passion – the track is soulful and conceptually deep, and for all of these reasons it holds tight to your interest throughout. Crowns is another with a similar energy, though a little more mellow, and a contemporary hip hop, anthem-like aura.

Hero is a track with a mighty hook, as always, and a somewhat pop-inspired sense of contrast between the melody of the hook and the delivery and calm of the rap verses. The story-line here is poetic and powerful. The more you hear of his music, the more impressive the whole approach and the level of skill becomes. Production-wise and in terms of the writing and the performance, everything is on a higher plain – a rare combination that makes for consistently appealing, original yet relevant music.

Absolutely a collection worth exploring. Other highlights include the dark and industrial yet recognisable and soulful swagger of No Candles. Meech Mercury drives with passion and professionalism, and this stands tall on every track. Defiantly one to watch out for.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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