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Me Run Jungle Pointed To Paradise


Leading with an incredibly moving melody and lyrical backbone, Me Run Jungle emerges as a brilliantly refreshing and captivating artist, with an emotive nature artistically that shines beautifully throughout these latest releases.

Starting things off in a superbly impressive way, Pointed To Paradise is a fantastic song, one with a surprisingly simple yet addictive short-form hook, a haunting vocal delivery, and some unsettling, intriguing imagery that provokes a much deeper level of thinking than the vast majority of pop releases.

The song gets better with each revisit, proving to be incredibly original in more ways than one, but also utilizing a few well-placed and known to captivate elements just to make sure your attention is held right the way through.

While the whole thing sounds great as it is, each re-visit allows these lyrics to stand a little taller, and with that you notice more intricacies and details that further underline the concept of the writing. There’s an artistic whole at work, every layer building further on the ideas and the poetry within, and for all of these reasons the song is a pleasure to lose yourself in for a while.

Also coming to light recently are two additional singles. Stormwine, an instrumentally calming, ambient and rhythmically soothing composition, which showcases yet another side to the producer and artist that is Me Run Jungle. Then you get The planets align in ur eyes, a piece that lifts the energy even higher, ascending into pure EDM realms and sweeping you off your feet in the process. Though the drop never quite hits with weight, the ongoing melodic aspects help create something a little more composer-style – classically inspired and consistently expressive of an underlying story and purpose.

All in all, these three releases present completely different sides to a versatile yet undeniably talented creative, and the more you listen, the more you start to pinpoint and understand certain artistic calling cards and traits that make the work recognisable. Every track creates something quickly enjoyable and memorable around its listeners. Absolutely an artist worth looking out for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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