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Mayumi Goodbye, Good Boy


Mayumi’s single Goodbye, Good Boy is one that kicks into gear with a gorgeously emotive and musically impressive acoustic guitar performance. Intricate, stylish and near-slide-like finger-picking precedes a brilliantly fresh beat, trip-hop soaked with a subtle industrial aura.

Following this, the beautifully delicate, gentle and smooth vocals of the singer flow through with natural ease – bridging the gaps between layers and effectively guiding the listener through the poetic and passionate details of the story-line.

Melodically there’s a long-form tune at work here, often leaning towards hip hop as the artist fights to include every thought and idea as she comes to terms with the details and regrets that are underlined in the lyrics. It’s a clever artistic decision, and the vocal continues to vary throughout – never overdoing any particular rhythm or melody, and making certain to resolve in a satisfying, memorable way for the hook. Here we get dashes of additional vocals, followed by an instrumental refrain that sees things effectively change direction once again – to underline another emotional development.

Everything about this speaks volumes on behalf of creative freedom, freedom from genre, freedom of artistry, and at the same time – Mayumi showcases a clear understanding of what works in music, what connects. The song hits hard for its unique set-up and sentiments alike, and pristine production is just the finishing touch on an already impressive and likable contemporary pop song. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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