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Maypo Deluxe Lonely Road


Soul-rock seduction at its finest, heartfelt and briefly melancholic for that classic blues thread, but with a crisp, contemporary finish – allowing this accessible, light and expressive vocal-lead to hit with clear identity and emotion.

Backed by the simple swagger of an electric guitar, bass and mellow drum arrangement, Lonely Road is the latest single from an ever-engaging Maypo Deluxe – proving once again that this is one of the most consistently effective corners of indie songwriting.

Beautifully captured, there’s a familiarity to the set-up of Lonely Road, but a freshness to the clear passion and delicacy and even grit of the vocal performance. There’s also an element of originality interwoven amidst the recognisable poetic references of the lyrics – this dark lonely road is nothing new, but the details of the longing, the admiration, the optimism, all brings something authentic and honest to the stage.

Promising more than a few moments of sultry, alluring guitar solo-work, and that ongoing blues-rock rhythm that just grips the listener and sways them from start to finish, Lonely Road comes in at a fairly extensive four-thirty-six, and proceeds through various stages of sadness towards satisfaction and overcoming.

No spoiler necessary, but this one leaves you feeling a sense of possibility and gratitude. It’s a refreshing twist on the traditional blues sentiment, and a pleasure to listen to at volume.

Check out Maypo Deluxe via his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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