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Maxime The Honest Me P1


Maxime fuses an organic folk sound with a mildly theatrical performance style for this EP, paying tribute to effective and raw musicality as much as his family background in theatre.

Is This Love? kicks off this new project in a manner that quickly captivates and lights up the room. Maxime utilizes contrast brilliantly, seeing things rise up with passionate and increasing brightness – from the quiet and reflective verses to the ultimate explosion and resolve of the hook.

In some ways this sound is a little reminiscent of Mumford and Sons – the build up, the switch from solo acoustic to full-band arrangements – and in others, it’s far more reminiscent of a Disney playlist, a cinematic hit that fuses performance and pop in a bold and beautiful way. There are also hints of personal observation that lean towards the likes of Ed Sheeran and other intentional pop writers who know how to craft something that hits with emotional impact.

Throughout this EP, you come to know Maxime as his own artist – that voice, these stories, the musical direction. With each new song, a new side to the songwriter and performer emerges, and another layer of intimacy and even vulnerability; as well as that all-important sense of drive, overcoming, and self-belief. A categorically unique artist at present, with a clear and natural skill for musical expression.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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