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Max Wassen We Cookin’


It’s reasonably fair to say that Max Wassen introduces himself as a decidedly unique rapper and creative with this release. We Cookin’ may well be the first you’ve heard of his work, but it pours through with such a fine balance of skill and style that you’re highly likely to find yourself wondering why.

Having self-awarded this as ‘arguably the 4th best hip-hop FUNK FUSION RAP SONG ABOUT FOOD OF ALL TIME’, Max Wassen walked into the process of We Cookin’ with a comedic intention, but honestly – the track has such a good groove and is brilliantly well-crafted, you tend to feel the embrace of the music and the performance above anything else.

A strong instrumental set-up is the first building block to reach out, this ongoing organic riff creates a stylish funk aura – something that’s met beautifully by the beat, the horns, and every other layer that comes into play as the track gathers momentum. In among this is of course Wassen’s voice, the driving force behind the track’s entrancing rhythm and its generally catchy vibe.

We Cookin’ is a song about food, and it holds no qualms with openly driving that theme into every single lyric and indeed every clip in the accompanying video. The whole thing is fun, it promotes a certain easy-going mood and a simple lust for life – for the little things that bring a touch of brightness to our days. The set-up of the track is superb, the music fills the room in an uplifting, energizing way – likely making you crave a live performance; something that would make for a great moment during a daytime festival set.

Wassen’s lyricism and his flow work perfectly well here – proving to be increasingly impressive as the track evolves; and leaving you inclined to check out his previous work and indeed tune in for everything else that follows. The sound of his voice has character, as well as suiting the fast pace and optimism of a song as attention-grabbing as this. Really well-played – listen loud.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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