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Maurice James Rare View


Maurice James drives with blissfully poetic writing and soulful arrangements on this brand new, brief yet powerful EP Rare View. Undoubtedly an artist of depth and intention, well worth a listen.

Rear View starts things up with a quickly thoughtful opening verse, feeling all at once intimate yet vague enough to connect with a broader audience. The song goes on to balance these complexities with a hook that resolves and reflects in a memorable and pop-kissed manner. The instrumental set-up furthers these qualities, seeing a piano-led ballad meet with a light drum-line, a simple fusion of elements that support and enhance Maurice’ emotive vocals in the perfect way.

Matter Of Time follows on with the same kind of vibe yet a fresh melody, new poetic observations, and a musical optimism that contrasts the uncertainty of the lyrics. Things evolve into more brightness, a rising melody proving uplifting, the lyrics still calling out for connection. There’s a sense of realism to the writing and the delivery, and this is precisely the place where music fans can escape and lose themselves entirely in the heartfelt outcry of the music. A beautiful song, progressing with strength and energy – a personal favourite from the EP.

Finishing things up with equally impressive reflections on life, the natural world uniting with human emotion and thought, Fall is stunning. A questioning, considerate piece, and a final reminder that Maurice James is one of 2020’s most contemplative and authentic indie artists. Rare View is a gorgeous EP. A much-needed embrace and comfort for heartache and personal difficulty.

EP out April 3rd. Find & follow Maurice James on Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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