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Mattia Cupelli Dive


Mattia Cupelli’s latest release follows on from the dreamlike escapism of Cerulean in a beautiful way. The five-minute epic that is Dive kicks of the new two-track collection with a fine balance between delicacy and weight – the energy of that distant drum-line seeming to float in stark contrast with the lightness and calm of the synths that rain down elsewhere.

This beat gives the composition a pulse, a notable level of humanity that drives things along. You feel as if the soundscape is slowly enveloping you, and that somehow your heart-rate is rising in the process – perhaps perfectly well encapsulating whatever it is that the word Dive conjures up for the listener. The consistency of the beat is something of a lifeline in amidst this ocean of evolving colour and moments.

There’s a simplicity to the finished piece, it’s ultimately calming and entrancing to have play for you, but the details that make it what it is are vast and varied throughout. This is an incredibly impressive and all-encompassing journey through a seemingly dark but optimistic tunnel of thought.

The short EP also comes with a composition entitled Distant Lights in Motion – a gentler and perhaps more steady or still moment of cinematic audio. The details here again are what fascinate you – the music warms on the whole, but the intricacies intrigue and captivate right the way through. I’m certain it’s been said before, but nobody quite crafts a soundscape in the manner that Mattia Cupelli does. His creativity and his passion for expressing the inexpressible are unwavering and incomparable right now.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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