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Mattia Cupelli Cerulean


Mattia Cupelli works with delicate creativity to craft dreamlike, deeply soothing ambiances for his audience. Cerulean is a two-track collection, a short journey through peacefulness with a resounding sense of depth and consideration about it. The title piece is as quiet as it is overwhelming – to listen at volume is to let these layers and details really wash over you in a subtly powerful manner.

As a producer, Cupelli takes elements of the organic and electronic worlds alike, and weaves them together to build something that feels incredibly natural and real. Cerulean is a minimalist composition in many ways, a few piano notes and chords – of which it seems like you can hear the very thud of the keys on occasion – and a lightly throbbing wash of distant strings or synths that seem to breathe in and out of the mix, almost like waves on the shore. Never is there silence, only this finely chosen quietness or the implication of being briefly still.

As far as music to accompany meditation goes, this short collection really allows the listener to feel calm to their core and to subsequently let their mind wander as and where it will. Narrowed Eyes furthers the journey but introduces a hint of human voice and a touch of detectable sadness – this feels like a notably emotional piece but it still holds close to these creative threads that you soon come to recognise as being Mattia Cupelli’s way with musicality.

Narrowed Eyes gathers momentum and intensity throughout, seemingly growing louder and moving with a quicker pace – enveloping you more and more so in the process. It’s less than thirty seconds shorter than the opener but it feels like a much smaller experience when all is said and done – perhaps it’s that it engages you more than the opener, as opposed to letting your mind guide things. There’s an energizing, uplifting aura to the composition that’s fairly addictive and easy to repeat.

A genuine pleasure to have play for you and to escape within – listen with volume and clarity for the full effect.

Check out more music from Mattia Cupelli on Soundcloud.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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