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Matthew Schultz Promise For Keeps


Matthew Schultz’ release Promise For Keeps stylishly fuses the electronic ambiance of modern pop with a beautifully emotional approach to songwriting. Adding to this, you get an R&B ballad-like melody and a distinctly creative sense of musicianship, which offers up a captivating structure – one that holds tight to your attention and keeps you involved throughout.

As the new year settles in further, a world of unheard music lies ahead of us. The very best way to make an impact is with a release that is equal parts professional and creative. With Promise For Keeps, the finish is crisp and satisfying, the set-up is unique and interesting, the warmth of the music is familiar yet fresh, and the songwriting deals with love, dedication, loyalty, and personal truth. It’s a stunning single, gorgeously performed, produced in a modern yet notably minimal sort of way for the most part – leading powerfully up to the joyful and uplifting drop; the hook, that moment of musical exploration, that signature trait.

The hook reinforces the sentiment of the song, as it should, and the concept is one that will most probably connect with any number of listeners who’ve experienced similar feelings. These three words aren’t commonly found together, so on top of the relative subject matter you also get an unexpected and new perspective.

The song in its entirety floats around you in a calming manner, which, despite earlier genre references, actually draws comparisons with trip-hop. The build-up and the beat have a beach-side kind of vibe, an in-love-while-watching-the-sunrise sort of mood, which is beautiful. The instrumentation is more EDM than organic, but somehow the skill that has gone into crafting the track has prevented this from taking away any of its humanity. The song feels emotionally real, and the longer you listen, the more it connects with you. It’s blissfully easy to listen to this one on repeat. Well worth a download.

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