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Matthew Schultz Go


Matthew Schultz raises the bar brilliantly with this latest single. Following on from a string of impressive releases, Go showcases the undeniable sound of the artist by means of a quickly entrancing, uplifting soundscape, and a song that holds close to its own heartfelt, ambitious and motivational intentions; right the way through.

As is always the way with Schultz’ music, Go takes its time to build – the various intricacies and layers come in one by one, seeing the track rise up from audio delicacy to depth as it emerges. A dance-hall-style rhythm adds a tribal vibe for the pulse of the single – a few well-placed, subtle tropical synths and riffs help this aura gather further momentum.

The whole thing evolves slowly but surely, yet never does it push too far outside of that initial realm of calm, inspiring energy. The same goes for the song itself. There’s an accessible nature to the writing, these short phrases are comforting, familiar and relatable in many ways, and as a result – that hook, and the equal simplicity of that single word and concept, hits with all the more impact.

Go is a blissful summer dance tune that’s been beautifully performed, thoughtfully arranged, and skillfully produced. There’s a potential for remix, sure – you could kick up the pace, take on these effective melodies and re-craft something for a harder-hitting genre, but in its current state the song makes for an easily enjoyable, hypnotic bit of escapism. It’s also the perfect kind of song to share with those you hold close – as the sun goes down, and the noise of the world falls away. Matthew Schultz’ catalogue earns yet another timeless hit with this release.

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