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Matthew Schultz Can’t Stop


Introducing a humble yet beautifully immersive, dreamy and colourful new single, from an ever professional yet refreshingly creative Matthew Schultz.

Can’t Stop proves a memorable, immersive end of summer anthem of the chilled, soothing variety, and it’s one that keeps on giving.

Coming in at a humble 2:22, Can’t Stop makes fine use of the moment and quickly gifts its melody and the addictive warmth and uplift of that bass-beat combination.

Featuring softly expressive vocals, blending personality with the accessible tones of catchy, timeless EDM, the single moves on two occasions from quiet, calm intimacy to the blissful embrace of dance – by means of seamless, skilful transitions. Never does the energy ramp up too high, just enough so to bring a sense of peace and possibility that only intricately crafted dance music with purpose tends to do.

Schultz brings a clear level of ability to the scene, and manages to create euphoric, familiar yet still original tracks in every case. His music consistently unites the sound of yesterday with that of now; alongside a subtle yet impressive edge of identity. Can’t Stop exemplifies these qualities, and naturally leaves you wanting more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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