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Matteu$$ Slum!


Following a string of indie album releases that have essentially re-worked the same song ten times over, Matteu$$’ project Slum! is a refreshingly eclectic playlist, which introduces a versatile, thoughtful and skilful hip hop artist with an unstoppable drive to succeed.

From the opener Kimbo, there’s a sort of no-fucks-given pace and confidence to the style – the track is hard-hitting, an anthem to kick things off with a bang.

Immediately afterwards though, Matteu$$ makes no bones about getting decidedly personal, switching the mood entirely for a more mellow, reflective and insightful piece of story-telling. Already Slum! stands out for its openminded approach to both writing bars and producing fresh tracks.

As the project goes on, there are a few recognisable traits or threads throughout – Matteu$$’ vocal tone, his flow, the space between heavy bass-lines and lighter, trap-style beats. Meanwhile he takes the time to either craft something simply for fun – quirky bars, confidence, a carefree attitude – or something with a little more emotional substance; a little more conceptual weight.

In every case, his voice carries the intention well, and the album makes for a refreshing side-step away from the contemporary loops so frequently found elsewhere in indie hip hop.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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