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Matt Reilly error_thought/unknown


Matt Reilly has crafted a hypnotic fusion of organic instrumentation and delicate, dreamlike electronica with this consistent favourite from the current weekly playlist.

Offering a shoulder-swaying electric bass groove and some contrastingly brighter synths that pulsate throughout he mix, the intriguingly titled error_thought/unknown makes for a subtly recognisable hit of original production and creativity.

While there are elements to connect with throughout, there’s also a clear journey at work, and this blends sci-fi-style euphoria with fragments of cinematic colour reminiscent of, for me, the likes of Labyrinth and other family adventure films from way back when.

The three-minute-eight-second experience that is error_thought/unknown offers plenty in the way of evolution, and later resolves beautifully back to the comforting embrace of that opening progression. The bass melody, the chord pattern, the humble balance between distortion and softness. An easily likable listen. I look forward to hearing more from producer and artist Matt Reilly.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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