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Matt Purcell Take It Slow


Emerging with smooth and dreamlike guitar work, Matt Purcell’s Take It Slow adopts a widely effective and memorable style of songwriting, presenting audiences with a delicately ambient piece of music that is also incredibly easy to get into and later recognise.

This immaculately crafted song grows stronger and connects more intensely the further along it gets. If at first you’re drawn in by a softly vulnerable and beautifully genuine leading voice, later on you’re kept involved by what turns out to be a notably reflective and considerate string of lyrics. The song’s melody in itself is matched gorgeously by the musicality of the piece, so even without subject matter – there’s a certain mood to this that attaches itself to you as it plays out. Factor in that underlying sentiment though, and something else starts to become part of the process.

The song’s concept seems to initially take the form of something generally familiar or relevant to any number of relationships or situations. That’s an assumption we tend to make when we recognise a certain term. In actual fact, from the opening verse, and more and more so as things move along, the song tells a uniquely inspiring story that completely breaks free of your most likely expectations.

Matt Purcell reflects on life itself, this journey, these days that go by. Take It Slow is a song with depth, with an authentically thoughtful awareness of our very existence and our progression through the years. As suggested, the more you listen, the more these details show themselves – every line turns into something positively influential and subsequently calming. The artist’s statements about life and growing older have the potential to connect with all of us. It’s a universal topic, by all accounts, but it’s not something commonly talked about in popular music. Matt Purcell has approached this in a beautiful way, and as a musician and performer – his abilities more than meet the required level to really carry the concept through with realness and power.

“It’s all about inspiring people to live a life by
design” – Matt Purcell.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

3 responses to “Matt Purcell – Take It Slow

  1. Smooth, chill, yet also very heartfelt song to help us keep from wasting the value of “now” pining away over not yet having reached an idealized future. Enjoy the journey.

    In another couple of decades, I hope he write a song to remind us not to waste that “future now” pining away over not being able to go back to a romantically idealized past!

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