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Matt Miller Trenches


Matt Miller aims high and hits the mark with this brilliantly melodic hit of integrity, intention and depth.

Easily meeting the needs of the current hip hop and alternative pop scene, Trenches leads with a simple guitar riff for musical identity, and a light trap beat later on to keep things simple and rhythmically engaging. Ultimately though, it’s Matt’s voice that captivates and indeed carries the track with natural authority.

From the opening verse, Trenches speaks on realness, struggle and uncertainty, intertwining poetry and personal reflection for a release that holds attention every step of the way. Weave in that vocal rasp, the Lil Baby style melodic embrace for a catchy progression, and the whole thing works well as an absolute anthem from the brand new project No Guarantees.

Undoubtedly an artist on the cusp of greater things, with a relevant style but a refreshingly honest, unedited sort of lyrical outpouring to his music, Matt Miller utilises minimalism musically to draw focus to a voice of purpose, and this makes all the difference.

Download or stream the EP No Guarantees here or check out Matt Miller on TikTok.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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