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Matt Massey Built


Matt Massey leaves you no room to adjust as this latest single smashes onto the scene. Bringing through the classic energy and angst of punk rock, alongside of something a little more creative and structurally organic, Built is a huge single – impossible to ignore from the offset, and one that connects a little more intensely with each revisit.

Massey’s voice is a big driving factor in what gives this track impact. The distorted guitars and this stop-and-start rhythm section all give the piece an inherent rock vibrancy, but among such high levels of volume and such a manic pace, a quieter or less passionate voice would disappear into the chaos. In this case, the opposite seems to be true – Massey reacts to and indeed mirrors the weight of the music with his vocal delivery. More than this in fact, the song’s central sentiment – this idea of being built with broken pieces – is one that screams personal turmoil and reflective consideration, all of which you can hear and indeed feel as the artist pours himself into the performance.

Melodically the song has a definite simplicity, the memorable traits are more the sound of his voice, the grit and the weight, and some of these slightly blues-rock-like guitar riffs that break up the punk-rock outbursts – adding a little space and broadening the dynamic. Massey fuses hard-rock with something a little more soulful here, the track in full is actually incredibly emotional and poetic in the way it expresses itself lyrically. If the pace and unique set-up are anything to go by, a little more insight form the songwriting side of things is likely to follow along – I’d be keen to hear where he takes things in the near future. This is definitely a welcomed style and energy level right about now.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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