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Matt LeGrand I’ve Been Watching You (Feat. Mestiza)


The unmistakable pop tones of Matt LeGrand meet with a nostalgic beat and a smooth RnB-style melody for this latest collaborative release.

I’ve Been Watching You sees LeGrand take on a sultry and seductive style, gracing the airwaves with a rhythmic and soothing vocal that suits the pace and swagger of the beat beautifully.

As things progress, it becomes clear that the song’s hook is an absolute selling point. Bringing through the classic and memorable aura of the nineties, a boy-band-esque melody that quickly weaves its web around you, the hook subtly but surely makes certain you walk away with it running through your mind.

Adding an impressive dynamic to the track during its latter half is an unexpected rap feature from artist Mestiza. This moment brings a change in energy, and in language. The vocal switch is clear, but even so – the beat continues underneath, complete with its multiple layers and colors, and both parts ultimately prove united and connected within this conceptual process. It helps keep things interesting, it lifts things up from a steady sway to an awakening groove, and it showcases Mestiza as a stylish and confident artist in her own right.

Professional as ever, Matt LeGrand is continuing to climb higher. A strong single that brilliantly fuses the effective tones of yesteryear with a creative edge of modernity.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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