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Matt LeGrand 12 00 AM


Matt LeGrand brings the crisp and uplifting pop vibes required to see the summer through to a brighter finish this year. 12 00 am offers both the clean-cut and vibrant polish of modern pop, and the unusual perspective of a song with a little more of an alternative, unusual concept. The idea is that there’s only one hour in the day to spend with that someone special – so how’s the best way to spend it? It’s not this story-line you take away initially, it’s the simple energy of the song, the melody, the beauty of the soundscape, and the phrasing of that hook – the spacing between the numbers in the title – yet it helps that there’s something additionally unique underneath. All of this adds character and falls in line with the mainstream brightness and memorability of modern pop.

Matt LeGrand’s soundscape and the leading voice here fuse brilliantly to create something mildly energizing but also easy to relax to. It feels like the perfect song for the time implied by the title and the hook. There’s a definite quickness to the beat, the pace of the rhythm has something awakening about it, though the leading voice and the synth choices, even the harmonies, all add a contrasting level of lightness and softness.

The production is on point, letting the multiple layers of instrumentation and samples shine brightly but also work in unity to build a certain warmth and arena of colour around you. There’s an accessible, relatable tone to the leading voice – it carries the varying stages of the melody flawlessly, but it also feels like it could be someone you know; that boy next door sound that often does so well in pop music.

As a single, there’s an easily recognizable thread throughout the song that makes certain you’ll remember it. The classic traits of a hit roam free.

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